Laboratory services for corrosion and electrochemical

Rooyingaran Sanat Co.
" now organizes its activities in the "Laboratory Services" section of Isfahan Scientific Research Town and provides the following services in this unit.

Provide electrochemical and corrosion test services with linear polarization (LPR), tofly, electrochemical impedance (EIS), determination of corrosion inhibitory efficiency, lifetime estimation of cathodic protection anodes including sacrificial anodes and applied flow anodes, and MMO, strain strain test with slow strain rate , Corrosion Control and Corrosion Control by Electro-Chemical Noise Using Machine (ENM), determination of the efficiency of corrosion inhibitors using a wheel test, and determination of the rate and mechanism of corrosion of industrial components by fully scientific methods in accordance with national and international standards. The company is also ready to present the results of the test tests An analysis of the results and providing advice on analyzing the results of laboratory tests.

Equipment and abilities of laboratory unit:

The lab is equipped with potentiostat and other accessories and various electrochemical cells to provide various services in the field of electrochemical and corrosion industries, research institutes and students. Also in this laboratory, educational and research activities in the field of metal corrosion and coating and surface engineering are underway.

Laboratory services

    Low temperature corrosion tests with potentiostat and galvanostat
High temperature corrosion tests
Corrosion tests in controlled gas atmospheres
Direct current and pulse flux
Alloy plating
Composite Filtration
Evaluation and characterization of various coatings and surface layers
Evaluate and determine the cause of corrosion damage
Tension corrosion check
Evaluation of corrosion inhibitors
Assessment of colors and protective coatings
Electroplating and electroplating and anodizing coating
Assessment of hot corrosion of materials in molten salt
Consulting in corrosion and surface engineering by co-workers (PhD in Chemistry and PhD in Metallurgy)

laboratory equipments

    Potentiostat / Galuvanostat Iviumstate making the Netherlands with impedance testing
Electrochemical Noise Meter Manufacturing Company
Multiple electrochemical cells suitable for evaluation of solutions, coatings and ...
Fixed temperature bath
Chemicals and alloys
Erosion corrosion simulator
Reference and auxiliary electrodes
Direct current and pulse power supply
Electronic measuring equipment includes multimeter and oscilloscope
Laboratory dishes
Slow strain rate traction machine (SSRT)
Wheel test for wheel test
Cathodic Disbondment Tester Evaluation Device
Laboratory stability of cathodic protection anodes