Dept. of Laboratory and Engineering Services

RGS-LAB is equipped with full range of facilities for conducting Electrochemical and Corrosion Tests and provides services to the university students and researchers.

RGS-LAB also gives consultation to the industry, provide resolution for corrosion related issues and hold training courses for those engineers and technicians who bear the brunt of design and construction of corrosion projects.

Department of Corrosion Laboratory Services is liable for the following services;

  • Quantification of Corrosion Resistance of materials and components
  • Determination of Corrosion Inhibitors Efficiencies
  • Conducting SSRT, SSC, and HIC Tests
  • Conducting coating disbondment test
  • Investigation of Painting Systems
  • Modeling of Cathodic Protection Systems and determination of actual value of Protection Current
  • Performing corrosion and wear-corrosion tests
  • Determination of Anodes Life Span