Cathodic Protection Systems

R.G.S. Co. supplies a full range of materials and equipment applicable for both Galvanic and Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems.

Transformer/Rectifier Unit in a variety of configurations appropriate to the technical requirements, either oil cool or air cool system, manual or automatic regulation, Constant Current and Constant Voltage for Indoor Condition as well as Outdoor area.

Anodes for both Impressed Current CP System including High Silicon Cast Iron and MMO Coated Titanium in a variety of shapes and sizes (Ribbon, Wire, Mesh, Tubular, Canister); and Sacrificial Anodes including Aluminum and Zinc reliable for use in aqueous condition and seawater; and Magnesium Anode (both bare and pre-packed) efficient for use in soil.

Reference Electrode both permanent type durable for long life CP Systems to be buried in soil or immersed in water and portable type with high accuracy for laboratory experiments; in types of SCE (Standard Calomel Electrode), CSE (Copper/Copper Sulfate Electrode), SSE (Silver/Silver Chloride Electrode), and ZSE (Zinc/Zinc Sulfate Electrode).

Cathodic Protection Cable in a diverse range of size and sheath material specific for DC Current, AC Supply, Cathode Connection, Anode Cable Tail, Monitoring System, Bonding, and other application in soil and aqueous condition, copper conductor double sheathed and insulated from the electrolyte, of types XLPE/PVC, HMWPE/PVC, HMWPE/PVDF armored and non-armored from up to