Industrial services

    Corrosion management in oil, gas and petrochemical industries

    Corrosion in concrete structures in oil projects and complexes

    Predictable factors in design that can be effective in corrosion interactions

    Selection of materials suitable for the manufacture of parts in terms of corrosion resistance in specific working environment conditions

    Make appropriate changes in the corrosive environment to reduce its corrosion as much as possible

    Choosing suitable interior and exterior protective coatings for pipelines, equipment and installations

    Use of intelligent computer systems for measuring and controlling corrosion

    Selection of insulators and refractories

    Determine the mechanisms in the types of corrosion

    Evaluation and selection of enclosure systems, corrosion inhibitors, metal materials and types of welds

    Design and manufacture of corrosion assessment loops and pilot

    Risk-Based Inspection and Solidarity and Solidarity Management

    Liquid Penetrant Testing

    Radiographic Testing and Film Interpretation

    Visual Testing

    Ultrasonic Testing

    Magnetic Particle Testing

    Eddy Current Testing

    Installation of corrosion monitoring systems

    Design of cathodic and anodic protection systems

    Estimate and determine the remaining life of metal parts and reactors

    Analysis of causes of failure of parts

    Estimation of financial losses (costs) caused by corrosion phenomenon in industries

    Standardization of corrosion assessments