Steam Phase Inhibitors - Cortec Corp. Inc.

One of the products that can be supplied to Vapor Phase Inhibitor Products. The company has several products for use in the following applications:

Soil Side Corrosion of AST Floor Anticorrosive Protection

This method works as a complementary method for cathodic protection systems and protects areas that the cathodic protection system can not protect, preventing corrosion. This system is capable of installing to protect the corrosion of the floor of the tanks (AST) made / under construction / maintained and allows for a steady monitoring of the corrosion rate of the tank floor. This system is also applicable to tanks without cathodic protection systems and minimizes corrosion.

Prevent corrosion of roof tanks

Corrosion of roof tanks can be prevented by using phase-in-phase inhibitors. For this purpose, special equipment is installed on the roof of the tanks and, as needed, is required to evaporate the required inhibitor and into the space below the reservoir.

Avoid corrosion of pipes under thermal insulations

One of the problems encountered by the industries, especially the oil and gas industry, is the underlying corrosion phenomenon. By using an under-insulated corrosion control system, the corrosion rate of under-insulators can be measured and prevented

Corrosion control of pipes in Caising

Due to the lack of protection of pipes in the Caising section by the cathodic protection system, this system can prevent the corrosion of the pipe in this section and monitor its corrosion rate.

Three-phase corrosion control in sour and sweet environments

Other Cortec products can be referred to as three-phase reviews. These inhibitors can be protected in three phases of water, condensate / oil and gas and prevent corrosion in sweet and sour environments.

Vegetative inhibitor for hydrotest reservoirs

Cortec's EcoLine3220 product, of which more than 99% is a plant base, can carry out hydrotosting of reservoirs even using seawater. The advantages of this product can be to prevent the level of corrosion of the equipment after hydrothesis. Also, this product is not harmful to the environment and can be released hydrated solution after use in the environment.

Corrosion resistant packaging

One of the important applications of steam phase inhibitors is the storage and transportation of equipment. Using this product, which is tailored to the intended application in a variety of ways, it can prevent the corrosion of all equipment without any dimensional limitations. This package will prevent the corrosion of equipment in the worst atmospheric conditions for up to 2 years if used correctly.