Technical inspection

Rooyingaran Sanat Company, with its experienced and young inspectors, is ready to provide technical inspection services throughout Iran.

    Participation in the design and design of oil, gas, heavy industry and light projects in relation to technical issues in order to ensure compliance with technical regulations and mechanical operations of facilities, equipment, machinery and all stages of design, procurement of supplies and supplies, tests and Setting up

    Consulting and technical inspection in the fields of construction, production, installation, commissioning and operation of industrial projects

    Provide analytical reports and provide advice on technical inspection

    Identification of technical problems in designing and designing projects for controlling depreciation of systems and equipment in order to ensure that national and international standards are met.

    Provide expert suggestions to improve the technical quality of projects, how to conduct technical inspections and monitor malware and non-destructive testing in quality assurance matters.

    Inspection of industrial equipment for oil, gas, petrochemicals and power plant equipment

    Inspection of transmission lines and telecommunication towers

    Inspection of paint and insulation coatings

• Providing color inspection services for power plants, oil, gas and petrochemical industries
• Perform specialized color quality control tests
• Advice on choosing and designing optimal industrial paint systems

    Consulting and technical inspection in the fields of manufacturing steel, polyethylene and polypropylene pipes

    Consulting and inspection of steel pipes

    Technical inspection of corrosion of metals and concrete

• Advice on providing optimal corrosion control responses to operational cycles
• Investigate the causes of destruction, corrosion and failure of parts and equipment failure and provide a way to avoid repetition of the incident
• Reporting causes of destruction
• Provide a special report on the protection status
• Design of cathodic protection system
• Inspection of water immersed water facilities by an expert diving group
• Design and implementation of metal and concrete corrosion protection and monitoring systems

    Welding Inspection

• Technical and engineering services in welding
• Consultation, technical inspection and welding quality control
• Perform DT and non destructive tests NDT PT, MT, UT, RT))
• Providing welding instructions (WPS) and obtaining approval (PQR)
• Certification and certification for welders in accordance with international standards
• Quality control of steel structures in accordance with AWS D1.1 standard and Iran's Construction Regulation
• Inspection of the metal structure of the building
• Provide technical inspection equipment
• RT Radiography - Penetrating Liquid PT - Ultrasonic UT Magnetic Particle MT
• Eye inspection includes: Types of welding goggles